Welcome To Available Psychologists,

Wonderful to see you’re interested in listing your practice with Available Psychologists! There’s just a few things to note before you make your listing:

  • Listings on Available Psychologists are only permitted for AHPRA registered psychologists who currently have free sessions available within the next 14 days. Think of us like a Google Ad but without the insane costs.
  • All listings on Available Psychologists expire after 14 days to ensure usefulness for potential clients seeking sessions now. You can always reactivate your listing after it expires. They will remain accessible for 60 days from the date of the last expiry.
  • The current cost for listings is free. However, we are planning to move to a nominal fee for listings in the future. Rest assured though that this will never be even close to the other big directories that ask hundreds of dollars per year. Our aim will always to be to provide a service that’s useful for psychologists and potential clients alike.
  • Please ensure your listing photo is no larger than 400 x 300px and the file size is 200KB or less. Listings with larger images will not be accepted. For assistance with this you can visit https://resizeimages.com/
  • Listings must be for individual psychologists, not group practices. Whole practice listings will be deleted. You can of course link to your practice website for each listing made.
  • Only one live listing is permitted per individual at any one time. Multiple listings will be deleted.  

If this all sounds good to you then please register below, accepting our terms and conditions, and make your first listing today!

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