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Trying to find a psychologist can be hard! Available Psychologists is an Australian psychologist directory site that only lists psychologists who have available sessions this fortnight. Don’t waste your time with the bulky psychologist searches that list therapists who haven’t had a free appointment in years. We link you directly to the psychologists near you ready to help.

Did You Know? 

With Medicare rebated online therapy you can see a psychologist located in any part of Australia no matter where you live.

Why Search With Available Psychologists?

In the last few years trying to find a psychologist without massive waitlists has been getting hard. Reports of waits up to 8 months are not unheard of in some parts of Australia! 

Of course that doesn’t mean there aren’t psychologists ready to see you this very moment, it just means there hasn’t been a way to find them.

Our search is build to connect you with psychologists that have open spots. We do this by having listings that expire every 14 days. We provide this service for free to psychologists so you’re not just clicking on the person that paid their way to the top of a Google search.

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Find A Psychology Directory With A Difference

Available Psychologists was launched by psychologists who were aware of the issues with big psychologist directories. All too often clients would contact listed psychologists only to discover the therapist had their books closed. The psychologist would also be faced with the task of trying to recommend another therapist for the potential client, not knowing whether they too would be full. 

A frustrating experience for everyone involved! With life getting increasingly busy we wanted to create an easily accessible way for both clients and psychologists to work out who could provide therapy fast!

Potential Client FAQs

It sure is! Available Psychologists is free to search for anyone looking to connect with a psychologist that has free spots in the next week. 

Unfortunately not. Available Psychologists was created by psychologists to solve the issue that was popping up of everyone being really busy and not quite knowing where to refer potential clients when all of our colleagues had closed their books. So the website was created with the specific purpose of creating a referral network for the psychology community. 

We sure do. Available Psychologists lists both bulk billing and private (i.e. psychologists where you have to pay a gap) therapists. However, there is often a big demand on bulk billing psychologists which means they may not be as likely to appear in your searches.

Listing Psychologist FAQs

Yes, that’s what makes Available Psychologist a different type of directory. By having listings expire after 14 days we can ensure that clients are connecting with psychologists that have availability. To make things a bit easier though, you’ll be able to simply reactivate your old listing after expiry, provided it’s been less than 60 days. 

No, we’re all about helping potential clients connect with individual psychologists that have availability. For this reason we ask that you post a listing for each psychologist separately. You of course can link your practices website and provide their contact details in your listing.

Any Australian Psychologist with registration from AHPRA can make a listing. We’ll always verify a listing before posting anything. If you have particular areas of focus then you can write about this in the description section of your listing. 

At this time all listings are free. The plan is to move to a nominal cost in the future to cover costs if the website increases in scale. 

No. We simply provide a referral hub that clients, GPs and other psychologists can use to work our who is currently available. After this we want to connect them with your websites where you have the best chance to tell them about what your do!

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